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Waltham Concrete Services is your premier residential concrete contractors in Waltham, Massachusetts. As the best residential concrete services provider in the city, we are committed to providing competitive prices and reliable concrete installations. We have been working in concrete installations for decades and work on both small projects that take a day to huge projects that take months to finish. Our motto is that if you can envision it we will build it.

Concrete installations are usually cost and time intensive projects and hence when you choose concrete contractors Waltham Massachusetts, you need a company that you can trust. As such, we always ensure that we provide the best service for all our residential and commercial clients. When you go with Waltham Concrete Services, you do not have to worry about your installation breaking down long before it should.

Our Team And Residential Concrete Contractors Services

We provide a range of services to our clients in Waltham that include concrete pouring, installation, and repair as well as driveways, garage slabs, stamped concrete, barrier walls, curb and gutters, parking lots, culverts, flatwork, patios, and foundations. We not only do the installation but also provide cracked cement repair services on all types of concrete installations to make them as good as new.

In addition to having experienced technicians with decades of experience installing concrete in residential and commercial premises, we also have the latest equipment to do the best work. With our state of the art machinery and equipment, we can tackle any size of project within the timeframes that you want.

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We Are Insured Licensed And Bonded

We are a licensed and bonded concrete contractor in Massachusetts and hence when you hire us you can be certain that you are getting professional service. Our insurance coverage means that you can have peace of mind since it will protect you from any liability that may arise while we are working at your premises.

Since we are a bonded and licensed contractor, we have the highest levels of legitimacy and professionalism you need for all your concrete installations. As a licensed concrete service provider our construction and mixing techniques have been certified as a safe and up to industry standards. As such, you can rest easy knowing you have the best concrete installation that will not break down or be unsafe for your family or employees.

Concrete Foundation Work

We provide professionally poured concrete patios, staircases, driveways, and sidewalks for your commercial or residential property that will not only raise the value of the property but also improve its aesthetics. Our concrete foundation services include laying foundations, installing patios, home foundation driveways and flatwork among many other foundation services. We customize our foundation services adding tinting and coloring so that it not only has an assurance of quality but also has a unique appearance and finish.


We are specialists in concrete flatwork such as parking lots, commercial floors, sidewalks, steps, pools & pool decks, garage slabs, and driveways among many others. We provide anything from conventional finishes to exquisite and creative designs that will make your commercial or residential property stand out. Our flatwork is designed to look beautiful and last for years as we offer guarantees on the quality of our workmanship.

Cracked Cement Repair

Over time concrete surfaces will crack due to wear or exposure to intense weight or the elements. We provide concrete restoration and repair services so that you can rectify minor cracks before they can threaten the structural integrity if your floors, walls or flatwork. We repair anything from cracked patios, basement walls, garage slabs, parking decks, bridges and sidewalks among many other concrete installations.

Concrete Driveway And Garage Slabs

The driveway is the first thing a visitor sees when they come to your premises and hence it is important that it looks good. We always customize out driveway installations according to the look you are going for or the utility. For instance, you may want to have the driveway near the carport, garage or the door.

We provide advice on the best installation according to the space available, the materials you want to use and customization options. We have in stock a range of materials for your garage slabs that include concrete grass slabs, dolomite, pebbles, gravel, natural stone, authentic pavers, and interlocking pavers. The look you are going for is what will determine the best material for your driveway installation.


Concrete patios make for a beautiful addition to your property. Unlike brick or paver patios, our poured concrete installations do not have the gaps which allow debris, and plants into the cracks to ruin the installation. We provide colored and stamped concrete for your patios. We walk you through the different stamped and patterned options available so that you can have that exquisite finish you envisioned. Some of the benefits of our poured concrete patios include:

  1. Beautiful Exquisite Finish
  2. Ease Of Cleaning
  3. Easy Repair And Installation
  4. Low Maintenance And Lifetime Durability

Concrete Additions

We do concrete additions to make for pleasant outdoor living spaces. These additions include concrete installations such as paths, sidewalks, relaxation areas, and outdoor kitchens. Our technicians at Waltham Concrete Services install either pavers or pour concrete for your cobblestone sidewalk or concrete sidewalk. These are designed to withstand the rigors of nature in the outdoors. We always provide advice on what is the best concrete installation for your outdoor additions, depending on your aesthetic desires and functional needs of the property.

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